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All-Eco Clean uses an environmentally-friendly, pet-friendly, biodegradable product to kill the moss on your composition and tile roofs, sidewalks, driveways, and exposed aggregate. Over time, moss can grow and permanently damage the area. Killing moss from your property re­duces liability from falls caused by slick moss and mildew buildup on walkways. Moss and other surface contaminants on your roof can causes permanent damage to the shingles as the root system destroys the bond between adhesive asphalt and the granules. It also improves the property’s appearance by eliminating unsightly moss and mildew. At All-Eco Clean it’s important that we keep Puget Sound looking its best without a cost to its health.

We use a liquid, clear, organic moss treatment that we spray on your roof which has a preventative measure to moss regrowth.  We recommend having your roof treated every 9-12 months to keep the moss from coming back.

Moss is a live plant growing into your roof. It cannot be taken off with a roof blow off, it is "stuck" to your roof. The moss must be either removed by hand or treated and allowed to die and fall off over time.

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