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Organic Moss Treatment

If you have the patience and time and appreciate a value package, why not try our liquid, organic moss treatment?  The “removal” part is left up to the wind and rain to take the dead moss off your roof as it dies and detaches itself over time.  The application of our treatment is just that, an application and NOT a moss removal.

We use a clear, liquid biodegradable treatment, NO chemicals.  We spray the treatment evenly on the live moss, on the ridgelines and roof edges, and all other parts of the roof as moss can grow back in different places every time.  You will not be able to see the clear moss treatment, but a few days after service, the moss will start to change color.  Over time it will continue to change color in varying stages and colors, and as it dies and dehydrates, the wind and rain will take the moss off your roof.   As to “when” the dead moss will fall off your roof, that timeframe is indeterminable due to elements such as wind, rain, and the rate at which the moss dehydrates and becomes brittle enough to be swept away.

Pre-Treatment Roof Blow Off

If you live around a lot of trees, we highly recommend having the loose debris blown off of your roof prior to having us spray our treatment.  Moss can grow any place where there is shade, even under pine needles and leaves.  Blowing the loose debris off of your roof first will allow us greater access to the live moss on your roof to spray with our treatment.

Do not expect the moss to immediately die or immediately fall off your roof.  The Organic Moss Treatment Application is a value package that is not an “immediate” removal.  Please remember that once our liquid treatment has been applied, it takes time to do its job.  If you don’t want to wait, we recommend our Premium Moss Removal Package.


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